We can offer services such as Pressure Equipment Inspections, Tank Inspections, Welding Inspections, Asset Integrity Management, QA / QC Coating Inspections


Tank Inspections

A comprehensive service is provided to operators of bulk storage tanks, combining engineering inspection services, non-destructive examinations, reporting and recommendations. IMPEL provides Certified Tank Inspectors for API 653 Inspections, documentation, and recommendations to customers in accordance with API 653. All final reports are reviewed by a Professional Engineer & Signatory with aboveground storage tank experience.

A Comprehensive Service & Reporting for Above Ground Tanks, Silos, Bulk Storage Tanks

  • In-service API-653 tank inspection
  • In Service on stream API – 653 tank inspection
  • Corrosion evaluations
  • Vertical and horizontal tanks
  • Detailed reporting, including diagrams and photo log
  • Out-of-service API-653 tank inspection
  • Foundation settlement
  • Insulated or non-insulated conditions
  • NDE
  • Recommendations for repair or maintenance & compliance auditing

Welding Inspections

Our focus is on your needs. IMPEL specialises in materials, welding and joining consultancy services. Experienced in all industries with specific large project experience in Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Refining and Power industries. Our team provides services locally, nationally and internationally.

Weld inspection is required before, during and after welding to ensure quality and integrity is achieved and then maintained throughout the entire process. Impel have certified welding inspectors who are able to monitor the entire process or only a part of the process as required. We are able to advise whether quality and compliance is being achieved to any standard specified.


From offshore to onshore projects, small to large fabrication workshops and projects all over the world our weld engineering team are able to assist with:

  • Inspection to all Australian and international standards
  • Development and Endorsement of procedures and Quality/Repair plans
  • Welding Supervisors & Welding Engineer support
  • Approval of welding specifications, procedures & welders
  • Thirds Party Audits
  • QA/QC support
  • Managing Suppliers Quality
  • Document Review & Approval

Weld Procedure Creation

MPEL have certified Welding Inspectors that can witness, record variables and create weld procedure specifications (WPS) to both Australian and International Standards. We have many qualified weld procedures in our library that can be sold to you as off the shelf procedures that only require the addition of your company details and your acceptance of the document before they can be used. This means you can have a code qualified weld procedure with supporting procedure qualification record (PQR) information within an hour saving you the time, expertise and potential failures of trying to qualify a procedure through the system. If we don’t have the process or material type you are after we may be able to make the procedure for you.

Contact IMPEL to see how we can help you with your weld inspection, welder qualification needs and procedure writing needs.


Asset Integrity Management


Designed to mitigate loss exposure & enhance risk management. RBI is a systematic approach and means of using inspection resources more cost effectively and with confidence.

  • Ensuring that you are complying with current safety regulations and codes resulting in increased safety
  • Accuracy
  • Targeted and measured inspection strategy based on risk
  • Enables you to make inspection decisions based on adequate information and expertise, thereby saving time and money.
  • Reduction in plant downtime
  • More reliable equipment and plant operation.
  • Identification of the operational risks associated with equipment

Qa / Qc Coating Inspections

IMPEL have certified Coating Inspectors in performing and reporting on all coating related inspections in accordance with Australian and International Standards to assist companies maintain project quality standards.

Our coating inspection services include:
  • Ambient Conditions
  • Surface Profile Tests
  • DFT – Dry Film Thickness
  • Adhesion Tests
  • High Voltage Holiday Testing
  • Coating Document Review
  • Surface Contamination(s)
  • WFT – Wet Film Thickness
  • Cure Tests
  • Low Voltage (Wet Sponge) Holiday Testing
  • ITP Hold point sign offs
  • Compilation of Coating Reports